Work Experience

Current Projects
ensemble mise-en
General Manager

Past Projects

Arts Administration
The New York Pops
Library and Administrative Assistant

General Manager

Hey Irshad (2014-Webseries)

I Am Moral Courage (2013-Webseries)

Dogs of War (2013)
Directed by Kristen Kiraly

Two Boroughs (2012)
Written and Directed by Nick DeSimone

Last Night's Symphonie (2012)
Directed by Adam Grannick

Nighthawk (2012)
Directed and Animated by C.A. MacFinn

JT vs. The Good Guys (2012)
Written and Directed by Chris Shimojima

Social Dinosaur (2011)
Written and Directed by Jared Goltz

Happiness Is Vanished (2011)
Written and Directed by Hazel Dolphy

Bloodknight (2010-2012) (Video Game)
Composition/Sound Design Intern

Rainbowarrior (2011)
Written and Directed by Tina Romero

Deadmen's Boots (2011)
Written, Directed, and Animated by Jaclyn Dalbey

Lost Hero (2011)
Directed by Michael Hall

Victor and Lisa's Holidays (2011)
Written and Directed by Mathias Pardo
Official Selection-Tehran International Film Festival
Official Selection-Brest International Film Festival

Once Upon a Time in 1972 (2011)
Written and Directed by Anne Lukeman and Chris Lukeman
Official Selection-Indie Incubator Film Fest (
Official Selection-New Art Film Festival
Official Selection-Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo (
Official Selection-Gen Con Indianapolis Film Festival

The No Face Doll (2011)
Directed and Animated by C.A McFinn

Streetpillow, or "The Sidewalk Sleep" (2011)
Written and Directed by Charles Drexler
Official Selection-HollyShorts Film Festival--Audience Choice Award
Official Selection-NY Hell's Kitchen Film Festival (
Official Selection-Atlanta ShortsFest (
Giraffe-stronaut (2010)
Written, Directed, and Animated by Jacob Kafka
Winner of a National Board of Review Student Grant (

Imaginary Friend (2010)
Written and Directed by Daniel Stedman

Gallatin Arts Festival Documentary (2010)
Directed by Charles Drexler

Project Next (2010)
Written, Directed, and Animated by Andrew Delgado

Curvature (2010)
Written, Directed, and Animated by the UIUC SIGGraph

MAD (2010)
Written and Directed by Antoine Békourian and Jacques Hersant

Fannie Lou: The Musical (2014)
Book/Lyrics/Music: Felicia Hunter
Performed at Carnegie Hall on October 9, 2014

Comedy in the Afternoon (2013)
Written and Directed by Del Fidanque
Arranger/Music Director

Honestly Abe (2012)
Written by Robert L. Hecker
Conducted and recorded the cast album in late April/early May 2012
Opening Off-Broadway at the Actors Temple Theatre on February 2, 2012

Anthropomorphic (2012)
Written and Directed by Timothy Young

Coal Keeps the Lights On (2012) (Movie Musical)
Written and Directed by Adam Taylor

A Winter's Tale Part 1 (2009)
Directed by Steve M. Boyle

Assistant to Larry Hochman (2008)
Orchestrated inserts for Radio City Music Hall
Orchestrated for the Pushcart Players
Set up score layouts

Armory Free Theatre (2008-2009)
Arranged “The Looking Song”, directed by Annah Feinberg
Composed solo cello underscoring for "A Defense of Melancholy", directed by Annah Feinberg

Illini Union Board (2008-2009)
Orchestrator for Pippin! 
Orchestrator for Jekyll and Hyde

Dry Bones: Resurrection of the Living (2013-2014)
Choreographer: Sydney Schiff (
Performed at Dixon Place on October 29, 2013
Performed at Congregation Ramath Orah on April 2, 2014
Performed at Judson Church on January 28, 2015

Women's Work (2010)
Choreographer: Callie Hatchett

Women's Work (2010)
Choreographer: Julia Jurgilewicz