Audio Clips

A Greek Fanfare
The "Allegro" portion of a fanfare I wrote for the Miss Greek IU contest. 
This piece was commissioned by and donated to Indiana University's Delta Chi Fraternity 
for use in the Miss Greek IU contest. The goal of this contest was to raise money for 
The V Foundation for Cancer Research.

Fight Scene
Robot vs. man/John Williams-esque/full orchestra

Childhood Memories
Light, nostalgic, childlike; picture an attic filled with toys/piano, vibes, marimba

Emotional Apology
Heartbreaking, dramatic/full orchestra

The Faktory
Animation; full orchestra

The Revolution
Inspiring, excitement, happiness/strings, bass, glockenspiel

Senior Recital (2009)-Concert Music

Shir Hashirim Parak Bet
Concert music; chamber ensemble

Demo Tracks
Pitches for commercials and films

Busker's Waltz
An arrangement of "Un Bal" from Berlioz's Symphonie fantastique
Arranged for two violins, saxophone, guitar, accordion, and bass
Written for the film "Last Night's Symphonie" (

JT vs. the Good Guys
Excerpts from the film "JT vs. the Good Guys", a film that I composed and arranged music for
Electronic/classical fusion

Irish Tune
A solo violin performing an Irish-inspired melody, which eventually builds 
to incorporate strings and full orchestra. Epic and intense.

Battle Scene
War ca. 1600-1900
Epic/intense/full orchestra

Victor and Lisa's Holidays-Opening Scene
Fun, electronic, upbeat/Chimes, strings, electronics, bass

Tense Searching
Suspenseful, can be comedic/percussion, flute, bass

The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari
Romantic/Dramatic; string orchestra and harp

Mr. Jung Stuffed
Gypsy/Eastern European/Funky animation; full orchestra
Music inspired by Ann Orrin's animated short "Mister Jung Stuffed"

Amazon Women Jazz Tune
Jazz; jazz combo